Pregnant women who uses MaternaLIFT not only notice improved body comfort throughout their pregnancy, they often report improved energy throughout the day, reduced fatigue in the evening, and an improved ability to sleep at night:

From Our Facebook Page
"I have severe lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. The pain due to the resulting sciatica was almost unbearable. With my first pregnancy I did not know there were any options for relief, and I suffered in silence. With my second pregnancy I initially tried various back support belts sold at maternity stores, but these gave me no relief. I soon learned about the MaternaLift support and decided to give it a try. Before I was in so much pain that it made it difficult to continue to work at my full time job while pregnant. After starting to use the MaternaLift support I noticed a huge difference. Now I am able to continue to work while pregnant and to do household chores without being in pain. I highly recommend the MaternaLIFT - High Performance Maternity Support!"

-Cindy T.

"At 17 weeks, I started to have pain on the backside of my right hip. Quickly, I was in constant pain and it was hard to bend over or do much movement. I saw Kevin and I was diagnosed with a right hyper mobile hip due to too much of the hormone, relaxin, in my body. I started wearing MaternaLIFT and right away noticed a difference where I was able to move about with less pain. Until the end of my pregnancy, I had to wear MaternaLIFT and without it, I know I would have been in much more pain and complete immobility. I highly recommend this product!"

-Laura A.

"Shortly into my second trimester, my right hip started giving me problems. I had hip pain that increased in severity depending on what I was doing that day. I am a waitress during the days, and after my shift I would be in so much pain that I had to lay down for the rest of the day. I couldn't get much done. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep my job. My midwife suggested the Baby Belly Band, and sent me to Kevin Hansen for physical therapy. I bought the belly band and wore it every day, but it didn't seem to help much. Kevin suggested I try his garment, the MaternaLIFT. It has completely taken away my hip pain. It stabilized my hip joints. I can not only keep my job, but pick up extra shifts if I want to. MaternaLIFT has given me my life back. Thanks Kevin Hansen for making this amazing garment! It's helped me tremendously"

-Julie B.

"This was a life saver for me when I was pregnant!! I have a congenital disorder called EDS that, combined with pregnancy, caused me to quite literally fall apart at the joints. The MaternaLIFT - High Performance Maternity Support. was the only thing that relieved my pain and helped keep my pelvis in alignment. to anyone who is dealing with back and pelvic pain give this a shot! it'll be the last one you ever try!"

-Catri T.

From Kevin's Patients
"I still can’t believe how effective MaternaLIFT is in relieving both my pregnancy-related back pain and Sciatica symptons. Thank you"

-Ana L.

“As a mom of twin toddlers, now expecting my third child, MaternaLIFT gives me the boost I need to get through my busy day without feeling excessive fatigue or discomfort.”

-Michelle G.

“I used to believe that chronic pain was just a fact of pregnancy, but now I know there’s hope! MaternaLIFT actually makes my day enjoyable again."

-Deepti N.

“With MaternaLIFT, I felt relief beyond my expectations."

-Cessandra D.

MaternaLIFT was strategically designed to be worn indoors and outdoors without being noticeable under your clothes. It has a low neckline in the front and the back, and it was constructed with circular knitting machines making the support seamless, so no seams will show through your clothes. You can wear your MaternaLIFT under most clothing without bringing any attention to you.