What Triggers Back Pain in Pregnancy?

It is primarily your baby’s WEIGHT and POSITION within the uterus which challenges the natural, upright, comfort position of your pelvis and triggers your discomfort. Can you feel your pelvis rock forward and downward in response to your baby’s growing weight? This STRESS combined with your loosening muscles and ligaments can disrupt the stable, comfort position of your pelvic joints. Once disrupted, your everyday movements can strain the muscles and ligaments which support your back and pelvis.

  • A disrupted pelvic position is usually at the root of all these pregnancy-related sypmtoms:

    • Low back pain
    • Buttock pain
    • Hip pain
    • Pelvic pain ("Symphysis Pubis Disorder")
    • Maternity Sciatica
  • Thankfully, MaternaLIFT can provide comfortable and effective support.

Why was MaternaLIFT Developed?

Over the course of his 20 year career as an obstetric Physical Therapy specialist, Kevin Hansen, P.T. observed that the maternity supports available on the market were not particularly effective. Not surprisingly, many of his patients had tried these supports prior to seeking his

  • help and reported that they were not getting the results they were looking for. In addition, he would often hear that these belts and braces were uncomfortable to wear, especially when sitting. Witnessing the frustration of his patients, Kevin decided it was time to create a new high performance maternity support that really works. After years of hard work and the assistance of his patients, Kevin and Jessica can now proudly offer you the new breakthrough support, MaternaLIFT. At last, a support that lifts your pelvis back up into its natural, upright, comfort position, and it helps you throughout your pregnancy.

How MaternaLIFT works

MaternaLIFT utilizes an innovative and patented support system to lift your pelvis back up and into its natural, upright, comfort position to help you throughout your pregnancy. Also, its unique bodysuit design allows you to get maximum support without having to tolerate direct strap tension to the sensitive underbelly zone. This feature allows you to comfortably function with the support on throughout your busy day.

By attaching the elastic straps to the anchor bands located just above your hips, MaternaLIFT supports your natural, upright comfort position. Your ability to maintain this improved position in your low back and pelvis during movement activities, will largely determine whether or not you experience pregnancy-related back pain. This includes activities which you do throughout the day such as walking, handling small children, going up / down stairs, in / out of chairs, house cleaning activities, etc.

By supporting the body zones challenged by your developing pregnancy, MaternaLIFT gives you just the lift you need.

Putting on Your Support

IMPORTANT: Make sure all four of the elastic straps are unhooked prior to putting on and taking off the garment.

1) Sit down, and with the soft belly section in the front and the elastic straps in the back, put on the garment just like a one-piece bathing suit, pulling the inner seam of the leggings above knees level on both sides.

2) Stand up, pull the leggings up to crotch level and then pull the bodysuit over the belly and slide your arms through the shoulder straps. Once on, pull both of the shorter anchor bands on the side of the garment upward to take up any slack in the lower part of the bodysuit.

Attaching the Elastic Straps

1) Cross upper left long strap (1A) to lower right angled anchor band(1B). Attach to first (loosest) eye setting. If no tension is created, then use the second (tighter) eye setting. Repeat with the upper right strap crossing to the lower left hip anchor band (2A to 2B).

Adjusting the Strap Tension
  • 1) For optimum comfort, use the loosest setting for both elastic straps on the back on the first day you wear your MaternaLIFT support.* If the garment immediately feels too tight and/or becomes uncomfortable to wear, remove it and return to us (see return policy).

    2) After the first day of use, as long as the garment is comfortable to wear, you can re-set the hooks into the next set of eyes (second loosest) and try that level of support for another full day.

    3) This process can be repeated as needed until you find the support level that remains comfortable and works best for you.

    *Unless no tension is created, then use the second (tighter) eye setting.

Removing Your Support

1) Start by unhooking both elastic straps on the back.
2) Slide arms out of the shoulder straps and then pull the garment down under the belly and below the buttocks.
3) Sit down and finish removing the garment by sliding off the leggings.

Fabric content

MaternaLIFT is made out of 86% nylon and 14% spandex. The combination of this optimal fabric blend and stitch patterns provides maximum STRETCH capability to allow your MaternaLIFT grow with you throughout your pregnancy, especially in the abdominal and breast areas. The support straps are located over the back and side areas of the garment. Thus, unlike most maternity support products, there is no direct application strap tension occurring over the front side of the garment (in the baby zone). The comfort and functional needs of women in pregnancy were taken into consideration with all aspects of the garment design. This includes the use of light breathable fabrics, easy to get on and off, easy to clean, and easy for restroom use. MaternaLIFT is comfortable to wear.

Washing Instructions

* OPTIONAL: Machine wash cold in garment bag, All straps should be connected to their corresponding anchor band. Line dry

Important Tips

1) The anchor bands on the garment are glued on and SHOULD NOT be exposed to high heat, otherwise they would come off. NEVER put your MaternaLIFT in the dryer or dry clean it.

2) Keep your MaternaLIFT away from VELCRO or materials that could cause the garment to peel.