Our Story

Expecting Support, LLC was founded in 2009 by Obstetric Physical Therapist, Kevin Hansen, P.T. and women’s fashion designer, Jessica St Marie. Our intention from the beginning was to create a new generation of maternity support that would be both, effective in helping pregnant women and comfortable to wear. For best results, Kevin knew that the support would need to lift the pelvis back up and into its natural, upright, comfort position. For maximum comfort, Jessica knew that the support would need to address the special needs and shapes of a woman’s body in pregnancy. Now you can benefit from the collaborative efforts of these two experts and several of Kevin’s patients, who assisted in the development of this breakthrough support. MaternaLIFT is the result of our three year design and refinement process.

Meet the Founders
  • Kevin Hansen, P.T.

    What should you know about Kevin Hansen, P.T.? With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from University of California, Davis, a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from University of Southern California, and a published author within his field of study, Mr. Hansen is a highly qualified and respected health care professional. As an Obstetric Physical Therapy Specialist practicing in Bellevue, Washington, know that he works on a daily basis with women, just like you, who are struggling with pregnancy-related back pain. With over 20 years of experience in the clinical setting, Kevin understands both the challenges you face as well as the opportunities you have to get relief of your pain. Within his local Ob-Gyn community, Mr. Hansen is trusted by the practitioners he works with to provide effective and efficient care for their patients. With this background and experience, you can be confident that Kevin knows just what a maternity support must do in order for you to get the results that you are looking for. With the love and support of his wife Victoria, his son Markus, the encouragement of several of his patients, and the professional expertise of fashion designer (and now business partner) Jessica St Marie, Kevin has channeled his specialized knowledge to create a high performance maternity support that works for you.
  • Jessica St Marie

    Also known as Jessica Bravo, is a fashion designer of Ecuadorian origin. She was encouraged by her father to pursue any career of her choice as long as she first obtained a business degree as a baseline. Jessica came to the United States in 2001 to finish the last two years of her business studies and earned a Management degree from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. With the support of her family and now husband, Jesse, she went on to pursue her dreams, and joined an intensive fashion program at the Art Institute of Seattle, which she completed by December 2005. Jessica’s passion is to design evening wear, such as cocktail dresses and evening gowns, because they make any woman feel even more beautiful and confident. She believes that it doesn’t matter how pretty the dress looks on a hanger, the secret is to choose the right silhouette to fit your body type and feel comfortable in it. Jessica’s sister, Monica, who was helped by Kevin during her pregnancies, learned of his disappointment in not finding a support that could effectively help his patients. She mentioned to Kevin that her sister, Jessica, was a fashion designer and looking for an interesting new challenge. Kevin and Jessica met and quickly realized that working together they had the skill set needed to create a new era of high performance maternity support.